Istanbul in Ramadan

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News abodut Istanbul in Ramadan.

In Ramadan Period everywhere is going to be opened. Who wonders about Istanbul, Turkey the perior of Ramadan, for more information you can contact

All the restaurants are opend by day and night.

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The People who believes and lives, moslim period. 30 days in Islamic holy month of Ramazan (Turkish: Ramazan) is a time of fasting, prayer and celebration. (Here are Ramazan dates.) It can also affect your travel plans. Fasting... Fasting means letting nothing pass the lips: no food, drink, chewing gum, tobacco smoke or, for the strictly observant, not even licking an envelope or postage stamp from sunrise to sunset. Observant Muslims also refrain from sexual intercourse during daylight in the holy month. The Most Muslims, whether strictly observant or not, use the holy month and the stricture of fasting to help them examine their lives, to remind themselves of virtues like charity, compassion and forgiveness, and to avoid vices like cupidity, selfishness and dishonesty. Many Turks fast from sunrise to sunset during Ramazan. Restaurants are less busy at lunch, and there's even less Turkish tea in evidence—which is amazing. If you're in Turkey during Ramazan, it's polite to refrain from eating and drinking in public during daylight hours (Rather, do it inside a restaurant, tea house, cafe (some of which will be operating, except in Konya), or other private or semi-private area. Muslim restaurant and cafe staff, who may be fasting themselves, will understand if you are non-Muslim and will be happy to serve you. Some eateries may cover their windows with curtains so as not to distract those fasting by the sight of others eating.

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