The Fish Lake - Şanlıurfa

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The Fish Lake - Şanlıurfa
One of the sacred places that are visited day and night in Şanlıurfa is fish Lake and the Islamic -Ottoman complexes that surround it. This lake that attracts everyone with it mystical view is full of fish. If you come closer. they come closer to you too and wait for you to feed them. Bus it is forbidden to touch, because they are secret! Why? the answer is hidden in the myth told to visitors from generation to generation for 2.000 years. The children of Urfa can tell this story even in two or three languages. Now let us tell you!

The Myth Of Fish Lake
Once upon a time there lived a villian king Nimrud who declared his statue a God.

His Oracles told Him: This year a child will be born and demolish you and all your statues. And bring a monotheistic religion. Nimrud said: then kill all the newborn and pregnant women. Only one woman, Nuna succeeded to escape. Then she gave birth in a cave and her baby Amraham grew up. As he experienced the cruelty and paganism of Nimdur he told to the pablic " Worship to God who created the ground and the sky, not to stones." When Nimdur heard this. He realized that the Oracles was right. He put a fire in today's Fish lake and commanded for Abraham to be thrown like catapults and trying to throw Abraham into fire. Allah commanded O. may fire be chillnes and tranguility! When Abraham was about to fall. fire turned into a lake and woods turned to fish. As woods are burn a bit fish have black stains on theri back. As allah calls Abrkaham My Hilal which means My Friend the lake was called Halil-ür Rahman Lake. Nimdur was then in our language, referred as charmless. In other resorurces there is also a continuation for this, myth in diffferent visions starting from the assignation of prophecy of Prophet Abraham. Nimrud!s daughter Zeliha who belived in Abraham also threw herself in to fire and the place she threw herself also became a lake. This is the same lake called Ayn-ı Zeliha today. These are connected to each othere via channals and sacred carp fish swim in between. It is very pleasant to take a row on the second lake.

Post of Prophet Abraha
We continue to see the surroundings of Fislake. Now it is time to see the cave or Post Abraham Prophet was born. Visitors create a long queue in front of the enterance gate of the post that has two domes and a stone cove. As this palace is condidered sacred. one needs to take of its shoes. You can throw coins to sacred water inside and make a wish. Walking backwords while going out is anoteher attitude of respect to the post.

Rızvaniye Mosque

31*150 m AFish lake is surrounded with the beautiful structures of Halil-ür Rahman or Rızvaniye Mosque repaired by Rıdvan Ahmet Pasha who was Rakka Governor in 1717. in fact this mosque was contructed by Ayyubids in 13th century; however, as it is ruinde so much. The traces were not visible after the reparation. This is also called Makam (Post) Mosque, because there is another area which is also regarded as a "Post" and believed that Prophet Abraha fell from fire. There is a minaret balcony with three domes with a rectangular plan is one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman kundekari technique and white stonemasonry with black mibar. The wooden gate was done with fitting and inlaying technique without using any nails and garnished with rich herbal and geometrical patterns. This gate is unique in Urfa!

Hasan Sultan (Padişah) Mosque

Summer heat in Urfa is scorching. Thus, structures in the historical fabric of the city, hold cooling characteristics, Such as interior pools. Hasan Padişah Mosque constructed by Akkoyun Sultan Uzun Hasan in 1460 has a pool and is situated in the middle of a wide yard. This mosque was constructed after Toktemur Prayer Room wihich was next to it and then this mosque included this room. The minbar of the this mosque consisting of two sections is made of pink, white and yellow marbles. When wee look at the two reticulate motives on the side walls of the minbar, the above one has a svatisca composition while the other one below has pinwheel moteves. The minaret with a single balcony and polygonal body was left on the side of the street after madrasah rooms of the mosque were demohished for road construction.

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