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Package Tours: Turkey Tour package are having availability of daily departure that you can choose your interest and join with out waiting and loosing time for departure dates or fit your time frame to the package tours to make it economical in Turkey. The Turkey Tour Package are available every day.

4 Day Istanbul Tour Package 1
4 Day Istanbul Tour Package

4 Day Istanbul Tour Package is available every day. 4 day Istanbul tour package is one of the shortest tour package for Istanbul. Istanbul has more to discover, visiting and sightseeing. While you walk in the history and nature with istanbul tour package, you will feel the past.

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10 Day Turkey Group Tour Package 1
10 Day Turkey Group Tour Package

10 Day Turkey Group Tour Package is available every day in Turkey and covers the most importants tourist attraction of  Istanbul, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Priene Miletus, Didyma, Pergamon and Cappadocia.

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6 Day Istanbul Tours Package 1
6 Day Istanbul Tours Package

6 Day Istanbul Tours Package is available everyday, starts with airport transfer service in Istanbul. 6 Day package covers the most important sites in Istanbul such as, Byzantine and Ottoman Relics and also Bosphorus Boat Cruise.

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13 Day Turkey Tour Package 1
13 Day Turkey Tour Package

13 Day Turkey Tour Package is available every day and guaranteed departure turkey tour package. The package is included the cities of Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Pamukkale.

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5 Day Istanbul Tour Package 1
5 Day Istanbul Tour Package

5 Day Istanbul Tour Package is available every day. 5 day Istanbul tour package is one of the shortest tour package for Istanbul. Istanbul has more to discover, visiting and sightseeing. While you walk in the history and nature with this istanbul tour package, you will feel the past.

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Travel Packages Turkey 1
Travel Packages Turkey

15 Day Travel Packages Turkey; is available everyday and covers the Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Pergamon, Gallipoli, Troy in 10 Day. If you like to visit all around Turkey and you have to leave 10 day for Turkey, this tour will be the best for you because in 10 day travel packages Turkey.

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Pann Nwe



"6 Day Istanbul Tours Package" Istanbul tours are great, we have had excellent time in Istanbul. Everything was great thanks to everyone who helped us especiall, the hotel of dosso dossi was excellent with all the service and helper staff. I want to thank to Mr. Senol who organized our tours and pacakage with the hotels in Istanbul.




Excellent trip.




Everything was nice, All arrangement were well, I didnt like to be alone in Istanbul. I like to go again but not alone with friends that would be more enjoyable city.




It was short time for Istanbul. It was nice such a shortime to discover everything almost. Thank you, Mr. Coskun who helped us to book this trip and make our short vacation unforgetable.




It should be possible to add more place to the this package because, I have done it and in the morning I arrived there was a time to add and the day I departed late in the afternoon, It was also possible, I wanted to be in the city more and wanted to see more place that is way, I didnt like this package It is possible to add it more because of this beautiful city, I wanted to see more of it, next time when I come I want to see more of the city of Istanbul. In the end thank you very much for all your help to made me had a such a beautiful trip in Istanbul.




Thank you very much for arranging such a beautiful tour pacakge and making our holiday unforgetable.




Liked istanbul this is first time İ am comming to this pretty historical city everything was fine in my trips now i know everything about istanbul. Bad to back spain to work vocation was ecxcellent with good service turkish foods love here thank's guys for professional service eva will not forget you ..




Excellent for Istanbul. See everywhere and not spend the full day during the day.

Arthur Babeila



I have joined this tour with my friends and it was excellent experiencess for us about the historical sites. Guiding, Transportation, Accommodation and all I had with this tour were very nice. Mr. Mehmet, Thank you.

Janni Polo



It was an excellent tour that we have joined this tour on 12 06 2013 from begining to end it was excellent trip with the service of pick up, drop off, transportation, guiding, meals. Specially, It was a tour that I like to do then covers the place I wanted to see always in Turkey. The people of IstanbulTours.Org, helpful, kind. And when you compare with others, they are better about the price, hotels, tours, transportation, flight, informing, timing, looking after and all your needs to feel that you are in right hands.




Could you please send me the price for this tour for 2 pax?




how much costs this tour?




Is this trip available on 21 08 2013? How much does the tour?




It was a lovely trip that we have joined in Turkey with Thank you very much Mr. Mehmet. From the begining to end everything was excellent trip All the best.




Me and my family joined to this packages on 012,03,2013. one of my friend recommend me to go Turkey with and show me the tour packages of Istanbul. After for a while e-mailing each other with Mr. Mehmet, We decided to join 6 days istanbul tour packages. It was starting upon our arrival in Istanbul international airport (Ataturk). Everything was on time (Airport Transfers, Hotel pick up and drop off). Every information was right. The tours were excellent. If some one wants to go to Turkey, ı recommend to join guided tours in istanbul. Mostly tours are available to visit by walking or some vehicle. If you will not have guide with you, you will be only looker and reader, for the reading and understanding is not well, If you have guide, you will have chance to ask your questions to understand better. All the best.




Istanbul is a great city. I went to Istanbul with my family. 4 days tour package with It was excellent to be between two continents while making bosphorus boat trip on the bosphorus and visit the St. Sophia, Blue Mosque and more in the tours of package. I thank to Mehmet for the recommendation of this package.