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ANZAC Day Memorial Tour: Anzac Day goes beyond the anniversary of the landing on Gallipoli in 1915. It is the day on which we should remember all soldiers who served and died in war and on operational service past and present. This is 2 days Anzac day dawn service tour package which is departing from Istanbul in the afternoon on 24th April and return to Istanbul 25th April in the afternoon and holding place every year in Turkey that everyone who want to join and have the experience of dawn service during the Anzac days festivals in Turkey, should join to the guaranteed departure tour package. We hilghly recommend because booking as long as early because, Anzac day celebration are with the limit of people who may join to see this ceremonies, every year in Turkey.

Departure: 24th AprilDuration:2 DaysPrice From:139,00 EUR

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We are a group of people and want to make a private tour of ANZAC Day Memorial, I want to know de details and price, can you please help us?

Jeni Evan - 5.0/5 - 19.01.2019

Tour Details

ANZAC Day Memorial Tour

Dawn Service Itinerary

24th April - Depart From Istanbul To Anzac Cove at Gallipoli Peninsula. Arrival and Overnight in Anzac Cove.
25th April - ANZAC Day Dawn Services. Drive Back Istanbul. The End of the Service

Dawn Service Discription

24th April - Depart From Istanbul.: Drive To Anzac Cove at Gallipoli Peninsula. Arrival and Overnight in Anzac Cove.

13:00 PM Depart for Eceabat from Istanbul.
There will be a rest stop half way where you can buy nibblies for the night ahead.
18:00 PM Enter the town of Eceabat where we will grab our Gallipoli goodies bag and home made pie for munching on for our drive to the service site.
19:00 PM Join the convoy of TOURS buses for departure to the Dawn Service site where we will grab a space in the large crowd and wait, listening to the pre dawn program.

25th April - Depart From Anzac Cove Via.: ANZAC Day Dawn Services. Drive Back Istanbul. The End of the Service

05:30 Dawn Service commences as the sun breaks the skyline behind the Turkish Sphinx.
07:30 While waiting for your bus to transfer you to the next service you can eat breakfast on the grass with the group or feel free to tell your leader that you want to go exploring; take your breakfast-pack and walk the ridges and old trenches to the next service. Australian and/or New Zealand National services. Late afternoon brunch/lunch at restaurant back in town.

Late afternoon : Buses depart for Istanbul. There will be a stop halfway for you to buy your dinner. Bus will drop you as close to possible to your choice of accommodation in Istanbul.

Tour Includes

Anzac Day Dawn Service is included in the price

- Dawn service, Australian, and New Zealand service in Gallipoli Peninsula
- English Speaking ofsiders on the buses.
- Private coah to drive from Istanbul and retrun back .
- 2 Lunch box service.

Tour Excludes

Azac Day Dawn serice is not included in the prices

- Accommodation (Sleeping is on the Anzac cove in a sleeping bag)

Tour Notes

"Find out more about Anzac Day"

What to bring with you!

You should wear walking shoe, bring camera, sleeping bag.

Meals during the Anzac day

During the anzac day dawn service ceremonies, there will be availability with the package 2 lunch bux.

Participants will have time to have dinner on the 24th and, there is no brakfast service in the morning of 25th and there will be lunch bux service.

Where is Ceremony holding a place?

Anzac Day dawn service ceremony is holding a place in Anzac Cove in Gallipoli Peninsula which is located in the southern part of East Thrace, the European part of Turkey, with the Aegean Sea to the west and the Dardanelles strait to the east.

How To Go Anzac Cove From Istanbul?

Within an organized tour package of Anzac Day Dawn Service, departure will be infront of th Hagia Sophia Museum in Sultanahmet square, the departure time may change according to company you book your dawn serice that you should know it before.

Here is everything you need to know about Anzac Day

What is Anzac Day? What date will Anzac Day be celebrated in 2018? How do the Anzac Day celebrations take place? What are Anzacs?

Anzac Day is the national memorial day celebrated by Australia and New Zealand. On Anzac Day, Australians and New Zealanders who are fighting in all wars are remembered. Anzac Day is celebrated on April 25 every year.

Why is Anzac Day celebrated on April 25?

Anzac Day is celebrated every year on April 25th to commemorate members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, who fought against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.

In which countries is Anzac Day celebrated?

Anzac Day is celebrated in Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Niue and Pitcairn Islands. Commemoration is held for Anzac Day in Çanakkale on April 25 every year. Anzac Day was an official holiday in Papue New Guinea and Samoa in previous years.

History of Anzac Day

In 1915, Australian and New Zealand soldiers, part of the Allied Forces, made an expedition tour around the Gallipoli Peninsula in order to enter the Black Sea for the forces of the Entente. The aim of the soldiers was to conquer Istanbul, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, which occupied the side of Germany in the war. The ANZAC forces moved to Gallipoli on 25 April but were severely defeated by the Ottoman Army led by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The aim of the Allied Powers was to defeat the Ottoman troops and put them out of combat. For 8 months, the Entente Powers have been struggling for this purpose, but they have not succeeded. At the end of 1915, the Allied forces were forced to withdraw from Gallipoli due to heavy losses. The Entente States lost more than 56,000 troops. Of these soldiers, 8,709 were Australian and 2 thousand 721 were New Zealanders.

On April 25, the Australian and New Zealand troops set foot in Gallipoli had a huge impact in Australia and New Zealand, and April 25 was considered a memorial day for both countries to remember those who lost their lives.

With the Gallipoli War, the plans of the Entente States to conquer Istanbul fell into the water. The memory of New Zealanders who fought in Gallipoli gained an iconic importance in New Zealand. The date of April 25 is also celebrated as a kind of psychological nation independence in New Zealand.

How is it celebrated on Anzac Day in Gallipoli and Turkey?

In 2018, Anzac Day was celebrated in Çanakkale with various ceremonies. The commemoration ceremony of the 103th anniversary of the Çanakkale Land Wars was held at the Anzac Cove on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

In 1985, the government of Turkey, has been named in Gallipoli Anzacs possessed sheep removing his name as Anzac Cove.

In 1934, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Gallipoli, Australia for the first time stepping on the Australian, New Zealand and British soldiers said the following;

"Those heroes that shed their blood And lost their lives. You are now in the soil. Therefore rest in peace. There's no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets. This is our country. You, the mothers, who wipe away your tears, Your sons are lying in our bosom and are in peace This land they have become our sons as well."

How to organize other Turkey tour package which is included Anzac Day Dawn Service?

Anzac Day Tour packages can be fit in Turkey package according to arrival and departure time in Turkey. You should be arranged according to departure dates or time of 2 days 1 night Anzac day tours package from Istanbul.

To be in an organized Turkey tour packages which are available to tailored to fit for your requested holiday in Turkey; you have to arrive in Istanbul atleast on 24th April in the morning that you may be able to reach the Anzac day dawn service tour which is going to start at 13:00 pm infront of the St. Sophia Museum. After you reach you continue and after Dawn service, you may continue to Ephesus, Pamukkale, Blue Cruise, Cappadocia return to Istanbul and Istanbul then complete your holiday in Turkey.

If you are not able to join to Anzac Day Dawn Rite Ceremonies What Can you do?

Anzac Day area is one of the most important area that we organize every day tours to Anzac cove, there will not be ceremonies but you will see all those place and have informative daily tour of Anzac Cove and Gallipoli National Park.

If you think to be organize and want to visit Anzac cove you may join our Gallipoli Day Tour from Istanbul, Eceabat, Canakkale which city you are going to be, will be easy for you to join then you may be in those land one day.



We are a group of people and want to make a private tour of ANZAC Day Memorial, I want to know de details and price, can you please help us?

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