Bosphorus Tour Service

Bosphorus Tour Service :

The Bosphorus Tour Service has lots of offers to the visitors to visit the the bosphorus coastal sites. The bosphorus tours and cruise service is one of the most important things to do in Istanbul, if you are coming to Istanbul and you didnt visit the bosphorus or you didnt join one of bosphorus tour service which are available morning, afternoon or full day, it means : you will not be complate your Bosphorus Tours and discovery of Istanbul.

By using the bosphorus tour service, you can be able to make your bosphorus tour booking for bosphorus day tour or night tour. When the bosphorus strait divides the city of Istanbul, offers lots of TOURIST activities to enjoy and have great time while visiting the city.

The activities of Bosphorus Strait can be considered for the day and night. If you like to reach all the activities of the bosphorus strait, you can use the bosphorus tours link then have more info about the the day and night's activities.

As we are bosphorus tour operator, we want to show all the availabilities to visitor. Here you can see the details of the most tourist attraction of bosphorus, called bosphorurs and two continents tour.

Bosphorus tour service is not here to show and sell some touristical activities of bosphorus, we want to introduce the beauty of Istanbul to whole world. Istanbul's bosphorus stait is the one bosphorus which divides the two continents in the world that is why everyone who is coming or planing a holiday in Istanbul, Turkey, should visit and join any one of bosphorus tours activities to see and have the experiences of the beaty of the Bosphorus.

Bosphorus in the middle of Istanbul and it is also in the middle of the life in Istanbul.

Wherever you like to go in and around Istanbul, from land, sea, air, you have to use the Bosphorus and have the magnificent view of the both site from the air, land or sea.

The most beautiful house, hotels, boutiques almost everything is around the bosphorus strait in Istanbul. The main reason, during the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, bosphorus was the most import thing to handle, to enter to the most beautiful historical and natural city of Istanbul.

Bosphorus Experiences is one of the most important things to do in Istanbul, how to get the bosphorus experiences?

How to get the experiences of the Bosphorus Cruise?

To visit the Bosphorus Strait is one of the thing to do in Istanbul. If you are wondering about how to get the experiences of the bosphorus: There are lots of way to get this experiences.

If you are going to some where via Istanbul and you have some hours according to your time table you can have the stopover bosphorus tour servcice of Breakfast, Lunch and also dinner.

If you will be able to stay a night in Istanbul, your way is open to get the experiences of Bosphorus, you do not need to worry about how to get the bosphorus experiences

- You can walk on the coastline of the bosphorus, you can make the bosphorus breakfast tour, you can join to the bosphorus lunch or dinner.

- If you are interested in the experiences of the bosphorus strait, it is better to stay in Istanbul, at list a night, thene you can get much better experiences.

What are the things to do for the Bosphorus?

There are lots of things to do for the bosphorus for your visiting, according to your interest.

For example you can make a bosphorus tour and enjoy the bosphorus during the day and night with different activities of doing by boat.

If you want you can stay in a hotel closer to bosphorus and wacth the city lights and bosphorus while you are in the hotel

Excample bosphorus hotels that you can get more of it.

Ciragan Palace Kempinski is a 5 star hotel and it is on the coastline of Bosphorus in Istanbul. It is one of the best hotels in Istanbul and Bosphorus.
The Address of the Cragan Palace Kampinski Hotels' on the coastline of Bosphorus is : Address: Yıldız Mh., Çırağan Cd. No:32, 34349 Beşiktaş/İstanbul And the hotel's phone: (0212) 326 46 46.
The Cragan Palace Kempinski hotel of Bosphorus provides the hotel accommodation, if you do not want to stay, you can make booking for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner as well.

Shangri La Bosphorus is one of the very special hotel on the bosphorus.
The Address of the Shangri la Bosphorus Hotels' on the coastline of Bosphorus is : Address: Sinanpaşa Mah, Hayrettin İskelesi Sok, No.1,Beşiktaş, İstanbul, 34353, Türkiye.

Ajia Hotel Bosphorus has a great location on the bosphorus and one of the greatest hotel on the sea side.

The Address of the Ajia Hotels' on the coastline of Bosphorus is : Address: Halide Edip Adıvar Cad.No:27 34810 Kanlica/Istanbul.

Bosphorus Cruise: the Bosphorus Cruises Service, there are lots of way cruising on the bosphorus: by big ships and boats. Here you are going to have information abot the bosphorus cruise by small ships or boat, the most of information we provide for the visitor of Istanbul who comes and land. They should visit the bosphorus as well that is why we are as a travel operator, provide the information most of the people who stay or wonder about the how to do bosphorus cruise in Istanbul.

Above with information, we explained some details about the bosphorus tour and cruise.

Now; we are trying to give more information about the bosphorus cruise.

There are some type of Bosphorus Cruises that you can choose your own way to make those and have bosphorus experiences during the holiday.

  1. You can make a private bosphorus cruise with your friends, family or alone

  2. You can make a regular bosphorus cruise and join to the group tours of bosphorus cruise.

Both of ways will give you the experiences of Bosphorus and you will be complete your holiday in Istanbul. If you are going without doing bosphorus cruise, you will be left half of Istanbul behind of you. :( Bosphorus Lunch Cruise : keeps the bosphorus cruise and lunch together, it is one of the best way to have the bosphorus cruise's experiences.

What is Bosphorus Lunch Cruise?

Bosphorus Lunch cruise: is one of daily bosphorus tour activities that everyone can join and visit the both sides of Bosphorus during the bosphorus boat cruise which is starting in the afternoon and ended up after 4 hours. The bosphorus lunch cruise is a type of tour to discover the Bosphorus and historical sites on the coastline of the bosphorus in Istanbul. The Bosphorus Lunch Cruise which you can join everyday and make one of the best bosphorus tour activities.

Bosphorus boat sightseeing cruises :

If you are coming to Istanbul and you will not joining to Bosphorus Boat Sightseeing Cruises to visit the Istanbul's nature and beaty, you will miss too much things.

What is bosphorus boat sightseeing cruises?

The bosphorus is one of the most beautiful sites to discover in Istanbul. The bosphorus boat sightseeing cruises in Istanbul : is the most touristical things to do to visit the Asia and Europ from the sea. You can choose and make one of bosphorus boat sightseeing cruises according to the your time and interest. There are few type of bosphorus boat sightseeing cruises which are half day morning, afternoon, full day and they are available as a group tour and private tour. Also you can make two hours bosphorus boat sightseeing cruises which is the shortest cruises in Istanbul to be in a beauty of Istanbul.

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"Bosphorus Tour Service" is offering the quality service as an attractions of Bosphorus of Istanbul. If you like to visit the Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul, you can get those visiting and sightseeing the best quality and service.

Bosphorus Private Yacthing which is an other way to visit the bosphorus sea sides. If you want to have unforgetable time with your family and want to visit the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul, the touring of the bosphorus by private yacthing is the best way to make your bosphorus tour.

Bosphorus is also famouse with its coastline and villas of Ottoman type. Bosphorus offers lots of things to see and visit.