Istanbul Transportation

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Istanbul Transportation Taxis, Tram, Dolmus, Bus, Ferryboat, Metro, Private Vehicle Transportation

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Istanbul Transportation

Taxis: This is the easy way to go from some where to other in Istanbul, everywhere it is easy to find taxies. You pay the fare as shown on the meter as a lira but if you cross the Bosporus, the toll for the bridge will be added to the cost as an extra. You should get the taxi driver to use his digital meter so you pay the official fare. There is just one rate and it is the same day and night. If you can say your destination's name in Turkish or have it written down, taxis are the easiest way to get around in Istanbul.

Tram: This way is the an other easy way to go from somewhere to other in Istanbul. It runs 06:00am in the morning to 23:45pm night. Every 10 minutes it runs.

Dolmus: Dolmus ways are easy for the touristical transportation because. It is also from main place to other.

Bus: Two type of buses, some buses belong to private operators and they are blue, some are municipal and they are green belong to goverment. It runs all most everywhere and it is easy to use.

Ferryboat: An othere way to go from some where to other in Istanbul, probably it is the most enjoyable ride in Istanbul. Ferries are also popular for locals. It is the best way to cross from Asia to Europe or from Europe to Asia shores without being stucked at the traffic.

Metro: This is the easiest way to use to go from some where to other, If it is suitable because it is not reaching to everwhere in Istanbul. Istanbul's metro consists of two lines first is from Aksaray to Havalimani (airport) which is longest other one is from Sishane to Ataturk oto sanayi. First one operates half on ground half underground, but the second one totally operates underground.

Private Vehicle Transportation: This is the last option to go from place to place, it is easies way if you want to make touristical visiting in Istanbul.

Transfers and Private Transfers are different in Istanbul.

There are a lot of way to reach from place to place in Istanbul, as taxis, dolmus, local public transportation, Ferries.

Private Transfers company as we are we work with professional staff and knows which ways are short to take you to the place where you want to go.

We operate private transportation 7/24 all year round to /from Airports ( Ataturk Airport, is in European side of Istanbul, Sabiha Gokcen Airport, is in Asian side of Istanbul) to hotel In Istanbul  or Hotel to Hotel. Also to / from residence to Airport.

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